About Us

Based in South East Asia, USA and Europe, Engi-O has a worldwide service. The team has developed, designed and commissioned Aseptic Bag in Box filling machines throughout the world. We have extensive knowledge of dissolved oxygen requirements for the wine market including some unique patents and also experienced the requirements of not only FDA validations but further the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical market.

Our customers come from a range of industries and filling applications including wineries, dairies, pharmaceutical, olive oil, juice, syrups and water.

The Engi-O team is experienced in a variety of global standards, and we partner with component manufacturers with decades of experience in this industry.

Andrew Ogilvy B.E.

19 Years experience in the Bag in Box industry including UHT, pasteurisation and Aseptic Tanks.

Mobile: +61 499 095 393

Kendal Montgomery
Business Development Manager

16 Years System Solution Architect / manufacturing related systems - Pharmaceuticals, and Red Cross Blood Service 

Ian Anderson

27 Years experience in the Bag in Box industry including inventing the membrane style Aseptic Bag in Box process.

Mobile: +61 402 088 990

Matt Coleman

13 Years experience in the Bag in Box. PLC Automation, Solidworks,  ISO documentation, CE compliance, Pharmaceutical documentation.